“To Win Your Heart”

Sad news today, readers. Trifecta, the delightful giver of challenges, has decided to cease its work at the end of this month. I’m sad to see them go, so I will be trying to respond to as many of their remaining challenges as I can.

This week’s prompt was to write a 33-word story in which there is a word or phrase palindrome. Here’s my result; comments and constructive criticism always welcome.

To Win Your Heart

I fought for your heart with fierce pursuit.

Now I won it; it is mine. But regretfully, it was far nicer beating beneath your breasts than it is resting bloodily in my palms.

- Love The Bad Guy

Trifecta Writing Challenge

24 thoughts on ““To Win Your Heart”

  1. Fantastic palindrome and just the right amount of dark!!! Clever!

  2. Oooo! A shot straight to the gut. This is great.

  3. Nice, strong post! Thanks for never compromising in your writing. Best of luck in the world beyond Trifecta. :)

  4. That was unexpected… I like :)

  5. Ahahaha Love ‘regretfully’. Spectacular!

  6. oh yes, a lovely way to answer the prompt. Delicious in it’s darkness.

  7. ACK! Totally didn’t see that coming, and yet, I should have. (Note to Self: Self, pay attention to whose blog you’re reading…) Creepy and dark and fantastic. Great job!

    I’m with you – will be doing every single Trifecta prompt until the bitter end.

  8. Yeah! Super use of palindrome because of the dual meaning – the chase and fight, and the all too sad human folly of wanting the chase, not the capture. Plus you captured the essence of a psychopath better than anything I’ve ever read. Nice work! Great twist.

  9. This just made me splutter tea all over the screen. Fun write, excellently executed! Thanks for linking up!

  10. Brilliant!! Love this! ♥

  11. LOL. Love the build up, and the sense of regret is so strong. This really had me laughing. Well done.

  12. Reaching back for my British roots I gotta say,that was bloody awesome. You surprised me and I had to read it twice.

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