“33 Steps Onward”

Well readers, I’d hoped this day would never come. And quite frankly, I’m still waiting for April 1st to roll around and for the Trifecta crew to shout, “GOTCHA!” and resume their regular schedule.

But alas, it seems that Trifecta has come to an end. With this, the final challenge, we were offered the chance to write anything we wished. It seemed only fitting to write a final farewell.

33 Steps Onward

The cannon fires a single, solemn note, and united, the writers trudge onwards. To what horizons are they headed? They know not. But undoubtedly new adventures and new challenges are awaiting them all.

– Love The Bad Guy

Trifecta Writing Challenge


25 thoughts on ““33 Steps Onward”

  1. Enjoyed your take, although I worried we might all be lined up in front of the cannon. Good luck with all your future adventures and challenges. I’ll be right behind you – reading, that is, not cowering. πŸ™‚

  2. Kymm’s comment is a riot! This was a wonderful, final tribute to a place we all love and feel comfy. As with all good things, we sadly need to move on. Here’s hoping someone else gets us all together for more fun!

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